hub.supervision – Supervision

The supervision module lets you monitor critical states of the hub.

Gets status information from the subsystem that supervises the hub.

This returns a dictionary of the form:

    # Checks if the peak current is too high.
    'peek_current_too_high': False,

    # Checks if the current is too high.
    'continous_current_too_high': False,

    # The current value in mA.
    'continuous_current': 60,

    # Checks if the hub temperature is too high.
    'temperature_too_high': False

Supervision status information.

hub.supervision.callback(self, function: Callable[[int], None])None

Sets the callback function that is called when an over-current event occurs.

The function must accept one argument, which indicates the current in mA that triggered the callback.


function – Callable function that takes one argument. Choose None to disable the callback.